Solar Powered Horse Fences Rise in Demand

New inventions and technology are leading people to go green instead of traditional fossil fuel based power.

New solar powered horse fencing has started to rise in popularity over the last decade. The reason for this is due to increasing cost of power and morality about being “green”. This makes a lot of sense and I can understand why people are making the change. Not only are you saving the environment but also saving a pretty penny with that.

There are many companies that supply the equipment to setup yourself however if you lack experience you may want to ask a professional for help. A good recommendation would be

tv show lucky lawsuit

TV show “Luck” horse death lawsuit

According to the Hollywood reporter, Barbara Casey has sued the HBO network for pressuring the American Humane Association on mistreatment of animals.

The LA Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis says she is leaning towards a dismissal of the lawsuit and the firing of Casey.

The show starring Dustin Hoffman has since been cancelled. The lawsuit was not only against the AHA but also the production company.

Several horses on the show died during production and 1 outside these times.

Is this just a case of large corporations greasing the authority’s wheels to gain the outcome they desire? Without all the facts to hand and the fact much may have been covered up it is very hard to say.