Top TV Shows that feature gambling

Ray_Romano_at_the_2010_WSOPGambling is often featured in TV shows, whether the characters are trying it out for the first time, or if it is a part of their daily routine. The TV programs often highlight the glamorous, fast-paced life of gambling, and the high energy environments in the casinos. Some even go into the increasingly popular world of casino websites. Gambling is featured in both comedies and dramas, as well as reality television.

In one of the later episodes of the hit comedy series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, two of the main characters head to Atlantic City for one last night before fatherhood begins for Marshall. Barney convinces him to get highly intoxicated and the two of them hit the casinos for a fun night. It is short-lived however, as Marshall soon realizes that his wife is heading into labor, and they have no way to get back to New York City in time. The rest of the night is spent in pursuit for gambling winnings in the casino so they can make their way back to NYC.

In the critically acclaimed drama ‘Breaking Bad’, the main character Walter White runs into quite a problem as he has to figure out an excuse as to where he is getting all of his money from. While he is making a living cooking up methamphetamine, he needs to come up with a story for his family as to why he is now insanely wealthy. He comes up with an entire backstory focused around his gambling winnings, and about how he began to count cards due to his extreme intelligence.

Another show that features gambling is the series ‘Friends’. All of the female characters in the show are upset that the men play poker without them, so they insist on being invited to the next poker night. The ladies do end up getting invited, however they don’t know the rules of poker so the night does not end well for them. ‘Friends’ highlights that gambling, specifically poker, can be a fun night in with friends, and you don’t need to roam far for a thrill.

Lastly, in an episode of the show ‘The Office’, all of the Dunder Mifflin employees decide to place bets around the office on commonplace occurrences. While their boss is trying to convince everyone that the office can be a very dangerous place, all of the employees are focused on trivial bets. ‘The Office’ also features an episode where the company hosts a casino night as a fundraiser for a local charity. There is a multitude of different casino game classics, such as roulette and blackjack.

Overall, casinos are frequently displayed in television shows to highlight the enjoyable aspects that they can provide to the general public. There are many platforms to suit everyones needs, and it is an enjoyable way to spend your evening.

Why You might need Film and Media Insurance

If you are in film or media, you will need insurance. There are different types of film and media insurance available for you to get. All you need to know is what type of insurance is available and what it covers.

One type is called Errors and Omissions Insurance for producers. This offers coverage for producers in case they are sued for copyright infringement, slander, invasion of privacy, etc. This company makes sure that your movie is available to all companies at competitive premiums. This is required when signing contracts. This covers the following: movie distribution regardless of if the movie is released in theaters or goes straight to DVD, it provides coverage for improper handling of unsolicited scripts, the use of hidden cameras, failure to obtain the rights to music and film clips, not getting releases for people appearing in the movie, and using celebrities’ names or likeness without permission.

Another type of cover is Errors and Omissions for distributors. This is similar to the producers’ insurance. This covers distributors from lawsuits that may happen because of what they are distributing. Distributors are protected against lawsuits that occur from plagiarism from one movie to another. This provides protection from lawsuits that claim the following allegations: invasion of privacy, plagiarism or pirating, infringement, libel or slander, etc.

Movie Production Insurance will allow you to film your movie anywhere and you will have coverage. The movie must have a budget of over a million dollars or more. This covers the cast, damage caused by vehicles, wardrobe, props and sets (whether owned or rented), equipment, film and videotape, money, etc.

Short Term Production Insurance is for low-budget movies. This is great for music videos as well as other short films. They don’t cover action stunts performed in movies. It does cover general liability, vehicle liability, worker’s compensation, as well as the safety of the cast and crew.

Short Term Production II is similar to Short Term Production except it is for movies with bigger budgets. It covers the same things as Short Term Production except it covers the following: wardrobe, props and sets, extra expenses, vehicle liability and physical damage, and rented equipment.

Dice/Annual Production Insurance covers documentaries with budgets that are up to $5 million. To qualify, you can’t have any action scenes. You can’t shoot a gangster rap music performance. It has to shoot in the United States or Canada. This insurance covers the same things at the Short Term Production/Short Term Production II policies.

These are just some of the types of film and media cover available. You just have to do the research to find out what the best policy is for your production.

Funny Bingo TV Advertisements

One thing that companies use in order to gain the interest of potential customers is humor. There are few tactics in business that work like humor does. It is used in order to get the message across of the type of product, service, or message that the advertiser wants to get across. One topic that often gets funny advertisements is bingo. You will find a lot of funny bingo advertisements on YouTube along with other funny advertisements from a variety of big and small companies. The following is a list of funny bingo ads.

The first ad is the Diva Bingo Ad. In this ad, there is a spokeswoman who is in a room getting a massage from a man. She talks about how it is great to live like a diva. The point of this ad is that Diva Bingo starts you off with a bonus for your deposit when you play at the Diva Bingo website. You get a total of 70 pounds for your bonus. What makes this ad funny is that she advertises in an erotic fashion. So not only does Diva Bingo use comedy, but it also makes an attempt at sexiness as well.

Another Ad is the Sun Bingo ad. It advertises a similar deal. However, it is even more humorous than the diva bingo ad. The ad starts with a couple sitting on a couch watching TV. The man looks on his tablet. When he finds that won, he suddenly blows up like a balloon, ripping his clothes off and revealing a “7”. What makes this ad funny is the exaggerated scary expressions that the man makes before discovering that he is the winner. The spoofing of suspense is what adds to the humor. The jump cuts between expressions are also humorous. The deal is that you can deposit 10 pounds and get a bonus of 40 pounds.

The next ad is from the same company and is of a similar concept. This time the couple is in bed with the woman on her tablet. There are the same suspenseful jump cuts with the facial expressions. At some point, the man mumbles something in his sleep. A little bit later, the woman screams and blows up into a “ball” with the number “43”. There are a couple of other differences in this ad. One difference is that this time you get a bonus of 30 pounds when you deposit 10 pounds. Another difference is that Domino’s Pizza is featured in the ad.

This particular bingo ad is a short ad at under 10 seconds. This ad is for gala bingo. It features a woman running out of a salon in slow motion obviously because she won something. When she is running, she is still dressed in the Salon gown and she is also dragging some items accidentally out with her. She drags the fan out on a roller and it falls on its side. The ad is for Gala bingo. It was announcing “free bingo all day.” While this is the shortest ad, it is also one of the funniest ads for Bingo due to the absurdity of what is happening in the ad. Ads like these are great because it gets the point across with very little time.

These funny ads for bingo events are good at capturing the attention of many people, both who play bingo and those that might start. These Bingo ads are advertised in the UK which explains why the currency is referred to as pounds instead of dollars. While they are not extremely hilarious, the scenes that these commercials depict are amusing enough to put a smile on your face.