My Personal Favorite Movies of 2014

The Entertainment/Film industry across the globe is flourishing at rate of knots as the directors and producers are earning higher and higher for every high budget movie. Hence, their return is increasing day by day as a result of that actors and other staff are also paid handsomely. In 2014 many exciting movies were expected featuring top actors such as Leonardo and Sylvester Stallone and few others of their caliber. As it was expected last year and according to the hype given to such movies at the end of last year the movies have pulled out the audience and most films are booming and one hit after another is the news of the week all over USA and Europe. At the end, we have mentioned the list of few hits along with their short reviews.These lists of anticipated upcoming movies have become an annual fixture these days. In restricting our list to just few, we have tried to create a mixture of both high-profiled and lesser hits along with unknown cast with unexpected high returns. Films such as Noah, Big Hero Six, Non-Stop and 300 came very close but didn’t have huge impact as expected, even though they have much to offer.Furthermore, given the number of movies competing for place in the box office, we have left the latest packages of The Hunger Games and The Hobbit out of the list. People are keen to see both, but we’re wary of taking up slots with movies that have been on an annual cycle.

4 months are left before this year is officially over. In all this summer all those big films with big names have not been able to cross The LEGO movie of Phil lord and Chris Miller.

The broad contours of the blockbusters in 2014 subsume the following.  Here is a list few hits so far.

Captain America



As Hollywood is based in North America so we start with the movie named Captain America. When the movie named “The amazing Spiderman” released most people though that it would be the best movie of the year but they forgot about the fact that Captain America which is a marvel production received quite big anticipation from the people. This release of captain America really did tell the people how influential Steve Roger is to the world of movies and how he turns ordinary movies into great movies.

You must be wondering about the reason of this movie being on top of the list of movies released this year.These people, Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely were not interested in giving people some old fashioned action film and they were more interested in releasing something unique which is quite rare these days. They were different and innovative. They also made us believe through promotion and reviews that Captain America is the movie that could pull us out of our homes to cinemas. There is also a reason behind their logic because there is also an emotional attachment with the name of the movie which is considered to be a major contribution to its success journey.

The Grand Budapest Hotel


This is another super hit movie which startled the news and press as The Grand Budapest Hotel came to the screen and pushed the audience out of there apartments to come and see a murder mystery dizzying sprint through a meticulously orchestrated. If you talk about Anderson than this is his trademark quirks, from the lyrical dialogue to the brilliant cast hired to reciprocate dialogues and these dialogues are the result of Anderson’s genius mind. Featuring in an Anderson film is a very big achievement for every actor. People who are skilled in the art of comedy, people like Edward Norton or Jason Schwartzman are able to understand the unique nature of Anderson and they prove this by exceptional performances in the film.

In this movie Anderson was quite fortunate that he found the best lead performance that you can ever get from anyone and this person was Ralph Fiennes. The Grand BudapestHotel is definitely a kind of movie which every movies lover would like to see again and again because of the quality of this movie. By judging it from all standards, we can definitely say that this movie of Anderson is among the best movies released by anyone in this year.

The Fault in Our Stars


This is another star studded hit movie which attracted the masses to visit cinema houses. This isn’t depressing, funny or serious, it’s a wonderful combination of all. Other directors in the industry might have added some more heroic things but the director of this movie wanted to make a movie which is close to reality and something that the people will accept. So this movie was intended to be something that revolves around real life and something that people can relate to their life, and this is exactly what happened in this movie. The story of the movie beautifully explains its characters laugh with friends, weeping with the people they love and care about and they understand the importance of this last good day, even if they don’t know it’s not what they think it is. The makers of this movie did their best to make something that can be related to the popular book of John Green before it is displayed in the cinemas.

Edge of tomorrow

No matter what other people say about this movie but for me it is among the best movies of 2014 so far. You might wonder at the start movie that it is another ordinary action movie with no uniqueness what so ever but as the movies goes on, the interest in the movie develop itself.

This movie is about a person who is an army officer and he has to lead a team into the enemy populated area but refuses to lead them because he thinks he doesn’t have what it takes to be a good fighter. Due to this desertion from the duty he has to go there as an ordinary soldier. This movie is about all the follow up events that occur after this and this really is something that should be on your must watch movies list.

The LEGO Movie


Among all the animated movies that have been releases this year except “how to train your dragon 2”, “The Lego movie” stands out as the best animated movie of the year. This movie is about kids who use their creative mind to build something using Lego kit. This Lego kit is a toy for the kids and they can be used to express the creative thoughts of the small kids. The responsibility of making this movie something like this was in the hands of the Film makers and they did it exceptionally.

When it comes to the cast that was hired for the voice than one of the funnies actors were assigned this job. All the efforts were made to make it look like something very realistic and close to your heart.  You might go into your past when you are playing with the plastic pieces in your bedroom floor while watching this movie. This movie also sends a beautiful message about the importance of teamwork, creativity and all those things that you are really good at.

X-Men days of the future past


If you are talking about the movies released in 2014 and you don’t talk about X-men than you are not justice.

This movie was really anticipated by everyone who has a good taste and it is one of those movies that you can see again and again without getting bored. The film maker did everything in his domain to turn this movie into something epic because it is a series of a very famous and widely anticipated movie X-Men. The main theme of this movies is that X-Men fights in two time domains so that the human race can survive the upcoming threat and all this movie revolves around this wonderful idea.

The film maker was quite worried about the success of this movie because he has to maintain the standard that people before him have set for X-Men and this is something that made this movie a must watch for everyone who loves quality stuff.

Realistically speaking 2014 is a revolutionary year in the film world as it has changed the dynamics of the world movies. The trend is changing along with people demands, sponsors deals and censorship rules. Hence an overall evolution taking place as a whole. On one hand technology seems to take control and on the other hand people have forgotten their cultures, traditions and past which is reflecting in the movies too as a result of quickly changing people minds and ways of life.